Resistance Band Program Provides a Done For You System to Slim Down, Tone Up, and Build Muscle

… Even if you're a busy parent or business person with minimal time to spare.

If you're short on time, tired of what you see in the mirror, your stomach hanging over your pants, or your chest looking flabby then you need to check out the RB Combo Program.

We Want to Give you a Step-by-Step System, Follow-along Workouts, & the Secrets to Create Your Strong & Toned Body using just Resistance Bands

Are You Ready To Become An


Use Resistance Bands to Get Better Results Than The Gym... In Minutes Per Day, Not Hours!

  We're DJ and Jen, husband and wife, parents of two boys and we refuse to sacrifice our health because we started a family

A few years ago, we were big into working out at the gym. Then we had our first son in addition to career changes... there went all that free time.

That left us with little to no time to drive back and forth to the gym or spend hours exercising to get results. 

So one day, We came up with the idea to use resistance bands to workout down in our basement to get the results we wanted. 
At first, our workouts were a mess and we weren't getting the same results we were from the gym. 

But we refused to give up, the gym was no longer an option. 

Along the way, we figured out some really cool techniques to help us lose weight and build muscle WITHOUT going to the gym OR spending hours exercising. 

*NOTE: These posts above are all from members inside of our RB Combo Facebook Group. 
Best of all, we started getting the results - getting rid of body fat AND building muscle while still being able to spend time with our son and not sacrifice family time either. (And Now Our RB Combo Members are getting results too!)
We wanted to share our workouts with others, so we created our YouTube channel, ACHV PEAK, that has now helped millions of people with our follow-along workouts... all from the comfort of their own home. 
We created the RB Combo Program as a Done For You workout routine so you don't have to think about what workouts to do or figure out a routine

… aka you no longer have to search YouTube for days to find a workout

All you have to do is log in and knock out the workout for that day and boom! you're back to doing whatever it is you enjoy most.

We've designed a system to take you from where you are now and HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT, TONE UP, AND GET STRONGER by utilizing various training technique's, mesocycles and microcycles, plus progressive and double progressive overload to keep your muscles guessing and your results happening. 

Exactly What You're Getting With RB Combo

This is dramatically different from other workout programs you'll see because it has actual follow along workouts where DJ and Jen lead you through the workouts.

The reason why is because we know how tough it is to have only a list of exercises and actually do them... especially when you have kids running around or you're dead tired after a long day at work. 

Instead, we are in the trenches with you, keeping you motivated, telling you what to focus on, how to use the correct form, and sweating it out every workout.

Plus, exercise is much easier when you have someone there with you…Virtually or in Reality. 

The RB Combo Program has a private Facebook group of other people just like you sharing their wins, their set backs, and selfies of their drenched shirts and smiles of gratification to keep you motivated and pushing yourself!

Upon Purchase you'll receive a confirmation email with links to create your member account and gain instant access to the program, the private Facebook group, and our personal email so you can contact us with any questions you might have along the way.

Don't forget that you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the RB Combo Program.

Lastly, The RB Combo Program Features PRIVATE WORKOUTS not available anywhere but in this program! Over 85% of the program is private video's that are not available on our YouTube Channel publicly. 

Note: The purchase of the RB Combo program does NOT include resistance bands.

A Fraction of The Ways RB Combo Can Help You

    • You Need Cardio to Lose Weight, Right? Wrong! 
    Traditional steady state cardio only boosts your metabolism while you're performing it…lame!

    In RB Combo Each workout you'll be performing movements that ramp up your metabolism for hours after your done exercising to torch fat long after your done with your workout.

    What does this mean to you? You'll be in fat burning mode longer to increase the opportunity to drop a pant size and slim you waistline quicker than using boring ole steady state cardio.

    We're not saying all cardio isn't worth it. RB Combo features a different kind of cardio... HIIT workouts that incorporate plyometrics, resistance training and agility movements to create fun and exciting cardio workouts. Not boring steady state cardio. 
    • Say Goodbye to Low Energy Levels and Feeling Tired All of The Time
    People tell us that after only a week they have more energy during the day to perform better at work or run around with their kids without being exhausted.

    Exercise helps boost your energy levels throughout the day which means that you'll be able to out last your kids and even have energy for other, more exciting, activities!
    • What To Do If You have The Dreaded Wave Wings or Man Boobs!
     Sure losing body fat helps with this but if there isn't any strong and toned muscle underneath to the fill the space, your body will still look soft or worse…saggy.

    Use linear variable resistance to strengthen, tone, and build your muscles so you can tighten and firm up…

    Then show them off to your friends and get your spouse to take note!
    • Stay Consistent, Even If you Don't Have Much Time
    RB Combo is a done for you solution so you no longer need to think about what workout to do.

    Build a routine FAST without having to find a workout, think about what to do, or wondering if it’s the right workout or routine for you.

    Plus, our workouts are quick and effective so you won't be exercising for hours to get results!
    • Eliminate the Need for a Gym
    Forget about a gym, Bands are all the equipment that is needed

    Workout anytime, anywhere (even with the kids around!) No need to attach your bands to anything! 

    We make it easy to get your workout in whether you're in the living room, a hotel room, or even on the back porch on a sunny day.
    • Build Muscle Using the Benefits of Bands
    You need resistance to build muscle, period. The best part about bands is that bands don't rely on gravity to create resistance like dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, or even bodyweight. 

    You can perform resistance training with bands in ANY plane of movement... none of the above methods can say that.

    Plus, resistance bands provide linear variable resistance! 

    What does this mean? It means that as you stretch a band the resistance increases. 

    Why is this important? Well, for many exercises this means you are increasing the the resistance as you stretch the bands during an exercise. 

    As you perform the exercise it gets progressively tougher when you need it to throughout that movement... BOOM!

    When using other methods, the load gets easier in the most important part of the exercise...Bummer.

    What does this mean to you? Bands give you a better method to work a muscle (and grow it) than other methods with many exercises!
    • ACHV PEAK Style High Intensity Interval Training To Help Shed Unwanted Fat, Tone Up, and Get Stronger All In a Single Workout
    Most people believe that you can't lose body fat and build muscle at the same time… and that's simple not true. Science shows that IT IS possible. 

    The last part of the RB Combo Program has you going through our special HIIT workouts to really boost fat burning potential while maintaining and even building strength and muscle. BOOM!

    With RB Combo You'll Get

    • A Program that WILL help you lose weight and get stronger
    • Delicious and healthy recipes 
    • Follow along warm up Videos, workouts, and flexibility routines
    • ​Workouts that can be done anywhere using only resistance bands
    • ​Tips and How To videos for using bands
    • ​Videos showing you how to set up and CRUSH your goals
    • ​Lifetime Access with NO RECURRING COSTS (YES, a one time payment)
    • ​14-Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

    Place Your Order Now and

    Get these FREE Bonuses

    Bonus #1 - Meal Plans

    "Nutrition is equally as important as exercise to your health"

    Total Value : $84.00

    • Carb Cycling Meal Plan: Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST with Carb Cycling... and Still Enjoy the Foods You Love!
    • Ketogenic Diet: Go Low Carb, High Fat with Keto to help stabilize blood sugars, increase energy levels, and become a fat burning machine by using fats as energy!
    • Standard Weight Loss Diet: Use a more traditional macronutrient breakdown to help drop a few pounds without sacrifice.
    • PLUS 3 More Meal Plan Options!
    Sample 6 different meal plans to find out which one works best for you or suits your goals! 
    • Weekly Grocery List: We make shopping easy with a convenient printable grocery list.
    • Weekly Meal Schedule: See, at a glance, what your meals are without having to flip through pages or scroll down the website. (take a screen shot from your phone to make it easy too!)
    • Daily Macronutrient Breakdown: Carbs, Fats, Proteins are the building blocks to a healthy and fit body. Be informed every day of the nutrients you're taking in.
    • Images & Instructions For Each Meal: Easy to follow instructions for every meal with high quality images included.
    • ​Downloadable and Printable PDF Format: Download and print the meals plans so you can use and refer back to when cooking, shopping, or long after you're finished with RB Combo.
    Get This For FREE when you Order RB Combo TODAY

    Bonus #2 - Downloadable & Printable Tools

    "Get my 3 Favorite Tools For Keeping Track of your Workouts, Progress, and Goals as found in the ACHV PEAK Fitness Planner"

    Total Value : $27.00

    • Track Your Workouts: Keep track of your workouts and use progressive and double progressive overload to tone up, build muscle, and get stronger each workout.
    • ​Use Body Measurements to Actually Know The Changes: The weight scale rarely tells the whole story of your progress. Use body measurements, progress pictures, and the scale to be 100% Confident you're getting the results you want!
    • Stay Consistent & Build a Routine: Creating a Routine and staying consistent is critical to getting results. A few days off track can cost you a week of hard work. Use the process record to set and ACHV your goals weekly.
    Get This For FREE when you Order RB Combo TODAY

    All of This is Inside RB Combo

    • 12-Weeks of Private Follow Along Workouts 
    •  Email Access To ACHV PEAK during the 12 weeks
    • ​Customized options based on your goals 
    • ​12 Weeks Worth of Meals plans 
    • ​Printable tools to help you ACHV More
    • ​Nutrition Guide For Nutrient Timing and Marcos 

    ($1800.00 Value)

    ($697.00 Value)

    ($97.00 Value)

    ($84.00 Value)

    ($27.00 Value)

    ($17.00 Value)

    • 12-Weeks of Workouts with follow along Videos. ( $1,800.00 Value)
    • Access to ACHV PEAK through email and Private Facebook ($697.00 Value)
    • ​Customized options based on your goals ($97.00 Value)
    • ​12 Weeks Worth of Meals plans to choose from ($84.00 Value)
    • ​Downloadable and Printable tools to help you ACHV your goals ($27.00 Value)
    • ​Nutrition Guide For Nutrient Timing and Macros ($17.00 Value)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these the same videos on their channel?

    Over 80% of the videos on the RB Combo Program are private videos that cannot be seen or found on our Public YouTube Channel. Some of the videos in the program are used on our Public Channel for marketing purposes. 

    Almost all of the supplemental content is private as well. 

    Plus sometimes, when people have questions inside of the program we make a quick video discussing it. These videos are only for our community members

    What if I Don't like the program or want a refund?

    The RB Combo Program comes with a 14-day money back Guarantee. If it's not for you, we will refund your money! 

    How does RB Combo Compare to other programs or memberships?

    RB Combo is a follow along program - aka we are doing the workouts with you real time. There are very few, if any, existing resistance band programs like this. 

    Most program give you some sort of PDF with a list of workouts to do and have the exercises listed with sets and reps. This leaves you doing the workouts on your own… Not cool. While we do include a PDF like that we also have all of the workout videos available for you. 

    Is this a Fly by night marketer just trying to make money?

    ACHV PEAK came to life in 2017 with the birth of our first son, David Cash, and you can see that we have been making workouts and other content on YouTube since.  We consistently connect with our subscribers through the comments and community tab. 

    We also have a Facebook page where we consistently engage with our community. DJ and Jen are the creators of ACHV PEAK and are a family focused husband and wife with two boys, Cash and Xander, and one big fluffy sheepdog named Bruce. You'll see the entire family from time to time in our videos. 

    How Is the RB Combo Program Delivered?

    The RB Combo Program is a digital only workout routine program. Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with clickable links to create your member account, join the private Facebook Group, our email, as well as a links to the downloadable and printable content. 

    All of the video workouts, program overview, downloadable and printable content, and information is on the dedicated RB Combo website as well as on the RB Combo Facebook group. We have also included a printable PDF complete with all of the program workouts, links to videos, workout and program breakdown and more.  

    Note: The RB Combo program does not come with resistance bands. The ACHV PEAK Resistance Band Sets are a separate purchase. 

    How Long Do I get Access to The RB Combo Program

    Upon placing your order you get lifetime access to the RB Combo Program. We have had members go through the program multiple times.

    Quick Tip: Order two or three programs and you can alternate between them for a lifetime and never need to order another program! We are here to help you be successful, not make a quick buck. 

    This is Truly a Limited Time Discount So Act Now Before The Price Increases

      You see, when we originally created the RB Combo program it was only an 8-week program. 

    Since many people really enjoyed the HIIt workouts we decided we would increased the length of the program and add in a section with longer duration HIIT workouts.

    Since the additional 4 weeks have been added we have not adjusted the price to reflect that...yet. But we plan too soon. 

    If You Skipped To the Bottom, Read This!

    P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal: 

    We're giving you a 12-week resistance band workout program with following along workouts that will help you lose weight, tone up, and build muscle without having to go to the gym or spend hours exercising. 
    All you pay is only $29.97.

    We're also giving you 12 weeks worth of meal plans to help you really make changes and make it simple for you to get results. The meal plans alone are worth more than the cost of the program! 

    We also have a private Facebook Group for the program with a super engaged community to celebrate your wins with, ask questions, and share you thoughts… and even post a GIF or your post workout sweatiness for everyone to cheer about! <---Yep, that happens in there. 

    For the one time cost of $29.97 you get lifetime access to the program and the private FB Page. Most programs are time limited on seeing the details but we feel that is cheating you so we don't do that.

    Over 80% of the workouts in the RB Combo Program are private and cannot be seen publicly on our YouTube channel and are not used anywhere else but for this program. 

    Lastly, once you place your order you will receive a confirmation email with a link to create your member account and gain instant access to the program.

    Oh and the program comes with a 14-day money back guarantee! BOOM! IF you don't like it, just email us and we'll give you your money back! 

    So, Click the green button below and get access to the ACHV PEAK RB Combo Program Now. You won't regret it.

    This is a limited time offer and the cost of the RB Combo Program will be increasing in price. (Why? It was originally an 8 week program but since people were enjoying it so much we added 4 additional weeks... but we haven't adjusted the price yet!)

    All of This is Inside RB Combo

    • 12-Weeks of Private Follow Along Workouts 
    •  Email Access To ACHV PEAK
    • ​Customized options based on your goals 
    • ​12 Weeks Worth of Meals plans 
    • ​Printable tools to help you ACHV More
    • ​Nutrition Guide For Nutrient Timing and Marcos 

    ($1800.00 Value)

    ($697.00 Value)

    ($97.00 Value)

    ($84.00 Value)

    ($27.00 Value)

    ($17.00 Value)

    • 12-Weeks of Workouts with follow along Videos. ( $1,800.00 Value)
    • Access to ACHV PEAK through email and Private Facebook ($697.00 Value)
    • ​Customized options based on your goals ($97.00 Value)
    • ​12 Weeks Worth of Meals plans to choose from ($84.00 Value)
    • ​Downloadable and Printable tools to help you ACHV your goals ($27.00 Value)
    • ​Nutrition Guide For Nutrient Timing and Macros ($17.00 Value)

    Retail Price $2722.00
    Sale Price $127.00

    Todays Price $29.97

    Act Now: The Price of RB Combo Will Be Increasing Soon!

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